• Isolocork Filler

    Cork coating for in or outdoor application 3mm thick for indoor and outdoor applications where the main need is humidity insulation, eliminate fissures and repair damaged walls due to minor paint defects. Excellent thermal insulation, breathable and water repellent. Product designed for quick and easy application on any type of façade. Wide variety of colors […]

  • Pyramids

    Solid cork agglomerate tiles to be used as interior wall coverings, contributing significantly to the thermal performance of buildings, improving environmental comfort and reducing energy costs. They are machined in CNC centers and protected with a water based varnish to allow for cleaning, protect from stains and increase stamina.

  • Isolocork VL

    Cork base plaster for in / outdoor application Isolocork VL is the plaster to project or apply by hand, made with cork for interior or exterior application with high thermal and acoustic insulation standards. Ideal for application on uneven walls with electric, gas and water pre-installation. Very fast construction system prevents double wall construction. Solves […]

  • Isolocork Board Mineral

    Pre-coated and ready-to-apply cork boards New construction or renovation, these coverings are a choice of decorators and architects. This product is a real alternative; fast installation, variety, exclusivity, mechanical characteristics and price. Our stone composite gives you the final touch and you not only see the shape of a stone of your choice, but it […]

  • Isolocork Board Filler

    Pretreated, ready-to-apply plain cork boards Isolocork Board Filler is identical to Isolocork Board Filler 3D but without textured machining, so it comes in smooth plates and is an exterior coating for those who need high thermal, acoustic, vibration and moisture insulation. The product with finish and features most similar to the conventional Etics system. No […]

  • Isolocork Board Filler 3D

    Pre-treated and ready-to-apply cork boards Isolocork board filler 3D is an outdoor coating for those who need the highest thermal, acoustic, humidity and vibrational insulation. Seamless, quick and easy to apply. It can be applied on curved surfaces, is an excellent barrier to fire and has mechanical characteristics similar to a structural wall. Can be […]

  • Isolocork Fix

    Mortar to glue Isolocork board Developed especially for gluing cork boards, this mortar has high adhesion to virtually all building materials. Insulating characteristics, breathable and flexible, makes this mortar the best choice for gluing cork boards or others.

  • Texture Spray Gun

    Isolocork Filler Texture Spray Gun This item it’s ideal for small jobs. With a 5Kg tank, it is easily handled to apply on any type of wall. Ideal working pressure: 5,0 Bar. Equipment with built-in air regulation, providing greater ease of adjustment.

Isolocork is the Portuguese brand of cork-based coatings.
With a complete range for all situations, Isolocork gives you the guarantee you need when it comes to the insulation of buildings, offices, industrial spaces, indoor or outdoor.
Increase the comfort of your home with the most advanced insulation products.