Isolocork Board Mineral


New construction or renovation, these coverings are a choice of decorators and architects.
This product is a real alternative; fast installation, variety, exclusivity, mechanical characteristics and price. Our stone composite gives you the final touch and you not only see the shape of a stone of your choice, but it also feels like a stone. Sure you can paint it, or simply apply our topcoat and maintain the explendid and natural color of cork forever. Cork is the only natural product that is not attacked by rodents.

Tecnical Data:
  • Consistency: Expanded Cork Board
  • Maximum application thickness: up to 100mm
  • Minimum application thickness: 40mm
  • Dimensions: 1000x500mm with wood fitting
  • Thermal conductivity: 0,036/0,0038 W/n.K
  • Thermal Resistance: 0,290m2 K/W (1cm)
  • Fire Resistance: Euroclasse Bs1 d0
  • Storage: 12 months
  • Application: collage with Isolocork Fix
  • Colours: Caverneira Yellow Granite, Salted Stones Granite and Pink Granite
  • Packaging: Board


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